Privacy Statement

This policy aims at ensuring the protection of all relevant personal information which is stored in and/or transmitted through the FDC (Cultural Development Fund) website, by adopting an appropriate and precautionary measure of technical safety, in compliance with the provisions of Law no. 8/2005 “Law on Protection of Personal Data”.

Collecting and processing non-personal information
When a visitor browses or downloads information from this website, the system will automatically record the following information: domain name, IP address, date and time the browsing session begins, pages visited, as well as the domain name of the source website, from which a link was followed to this website.

Under general circumstances, we will use the abovementioned information only to compile statistics. Only in cases of illegal activities (e.g. attacking our website), we may provide our collected data to law enforcement authorities for their criminal investigations. The law enforcement authorities may use such data to trace and bring the lawbreaker to justice.

Collection and processing personal information
Personal data may be required if users request some e-services from this website, and will depend on the services requested. Only with users' consent may their personal information be transferred to other public departments that are responsible for the services. This website will not disclose users' personal data to non-government entities, except through Government-authorised arrangements – and with permission from the users, and with the non-government entities required to follow this Privacy Statement throughout the entire process.

During your use of electronic services on our website, you may be requested to provide your personal information as required by our services. When processing these data, our staff will comply with the Personal Data Protection Act of the Macao Special Administrative Region. Our processing of your personal data will be regulated under confidentiality measures, and the data will be safely archived.

Hyperlinks to external websites
This website may share links to other websites run by other public departments of the Government of the Macao SAR, governments of other jurisdictions, overseas public organisations, or by local or overseas non-local private entities. Clicking a hyperlink and visiting another websites means a user has left this website. These websites you visit are not governed by the privacy statement of our website. The terms of use and privacy policy of these websites may also be different from those of our website. Therefore, we advise you to read the privacy policies of these websites first. FDC is not liable for any form of loss or damage resulting from your use of these websites.

Modifications to the Privacy Statement
In case of update of the privacy statement, we will post the updated version in place of the old version and specify the date of last update at the end of the privacy statement without further notice.


Updated on: 1/2022